D.M. Kirtaime – “I must congratulate Chris for his writing style. One which made reading this book such a pleasure.

The story within the main story was ideally placed through the book, I felt. It also gave magnificent strength to the character Dusty Shoeman as an aspiring author.

This book of course has two paces. One for Shoeman’s book and one for the main story itself. I really enjoyed reading both stories.

All the characters in Shoeman’s everday life are quite unique and really do set the scenes. If Chris were to write a sitcom bundling all of them into it, that would be well worth following.

As for the curse that shadows the Shoemans, I think many readers would agree they know of similar experiences – either their own or of a friend or relative.

I would recommend The Shoeman Curse as a gift for readers, regardless of genre.”

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