I sit on the curb to wait for Stella. There are two stars in the sky starting to pierce what’s left of the sun’s glow. A shooting star flies clear across the sky. Shooting stars always amaze me, but this one in particular was almost bionic…faster, stronger, bigger. I decide to make a wish out loud. “I wish…I wish life were easier. I wish things weren’t so hard all the time. I wish this bloody curse would lift already, so I can get just on with enjoying life. You know what, star? I also wish I knew what the blank to write next about Janet. I wish things would fall into place in her life too. Then my book would have relevance and direction, and maybe, just maybe, someday tons of people would read it. Well, stars…maybe that’s all too much to ask for.”

“What’s too much?” Stella says approaching me on the curbside.

I pause for a minute and decide to play the love card instead of the pity card. I stand and put my arm around her. “You’re too much, my love.”

“Oh am I now?” she says, wanting to believe me.

“You really are, you know.”

I’ll worry about real life tomorrow. Tonight, I’ll enjoy my wife and maybe a butter pecan ice cream too.